Celebrating Community and Culture: Annual Events in Grants, New Mexico

Grants, New Mexico, a hidden gem nestled in the high desert, boasts a vibrant tapestry of annual events that celebrate the unique culture, history, and community spirit of this enchanting region. From the luminous spectacle of the Fire & Ice Bike Rally to the cultural immersion of the Cibola County Fair, Grants offers a year-round calendar of festivities that cater to every interest. Join us as we explore the most anticipated annual events in Grants, NM, showcasing the traditions and activities that make this area a captivating destination for both residents and visitors.


Fire & Ice Bike Rally: A Thunderous Celebration

Every July, the quiet streets of Grants transform into a roaring parade of motorcycles for the Fire & Ice Bike Rally. This event, one of the largest motorcycle rallies in New Mexico, draws enthusiasts from across the country for a weekend of live music, street vendors, and breathtaking rides through the scenic landscapes of the Southwest.

Highlight: Don’t miss the burnout competition, where riders showcase their skills in a thrilling display of smoke and speed.

Cibola County Fair: A Tapestry of Local Culture

The Cibola County Fair, held annually in August, is a cherished tradition that brings together the community for a celebration of agriculture, craftsmanship, and local talent. With livestock shows, rodeo events, and artisan exhibits, the fair offers a glimpse into the rural heart of New Mexico.

Must-See: The 4-H and FFA exhibitions underscore the region’s deep agricultural roots and the pride of its youth in their accomplishments.

Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon: A Test of Endurance

The Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon in February challenges athletes with a grueling competition that includes biking, running, skiing, and snowshoeing up and down the iconic Mt. Taylor. This event not only highlights the physical prowess of the participants but also the stunning natural beauty of the area.

Key Attraction: The final ascent to the summit of Mt. Taylor offers panoramic views that are as breathtaking as the race itself.


Grants Main Street Project: Revitalizing Downtown

The Grants Main Street Project spearheads several events throughout the year aimed at revitalizing the historic downtown area. From art walks to music festivals, these gatherings celebrate the local culture and encourage community engagement and economic growth.

Spotlight Event: The Downtown Art & Music Festival features local artists and musicians, creating a vibrant atmosphere that draws the community together.

Route 66 Junkyard Brewery Festival

Combining Grants’ historic Route 66 heritage with its burgeoning craft beer scene, the Route 66 Junkyard Brewery Festival in September is a must-attend event for beer enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The festival showcases local breweries, food vendors, and live bands for a celebration of New Mexico’s craft beer revolution.

Festival Favorite: The craft beer tasting allows visitors to sample a wide array of local brews, highlighting the creativity of New Mexico’s brewers.

Halloween Carnival and Parade

October in Grants is a time for spooky fun with the Halloween Carnival and Parade, a family-friendly event that includes costume contests, games, and treats for kids of all ages. The parade through downtown Grants is a colorful spectacle of community spirit and Halloween creativity.

Don’t Miss: The costume contest offers categories for all ages, making it a highlight for participants and spectators.

Electric Light Parade: A Holiday Tradition

Kicking off the holiday season, the Electric Light Parade in December lights up the night with beautifully decorated floats, marching bands, and a special appearance by Santa Claus. This beloved event spreads holiday cheer throughout the community, bringing together families and friends in celebration.

Parade Highlight: The lighting of the community Christmas tree in Firefighters Park, a symbol of unity and joy for the holiday season.

Wildlife West Nature Park Harvest Festival

The Wildlife West Nature Park Harvest Festival in September invites visitors to enjoy the bounty of the season with wildlife exhibits, hayrides, and pumpkin picking. The festival emphasizes environmental education and conservation, offering interactive experiences with the native flora and fauna of New Mexico.

Unique Feature: The live bird of prey shows provide an up-close look at some of New Mexico’s most majestic wildlife.

Grants Rodeo Days

Grants Rodeo Days, held in June, pay homage to New Mexico’s rich rodeo heritage with a weekend of competitive events, including bull riding, barrel racing, and roping. It’s an exhilarating showcase of cowboy culture and the skills that define the American West.

Rodeo Highlight: The bull riding competition is a thrilling display of courage and skill, captivating audiences with its intensity.

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

Welcoming the new year, Grants’ New Year’s Eve Ball Drop is a festive gathering that features live music, food vendors, and the countdown to midnight. It’s a joyful celebration of community and the hope for a prosperous year ahead.

Celebratory Moment: The midnight ball drop, accompanied by fireworks, ushers in the New Year with a burst of light and excitement.

Conclusion: Grants, New Mexico – A Year of Festivities and Community Spirit

Grants, New Mexico, is not just a gateway to natural wonders and historical sites; it’s a community that thrives on celebration and togetherness.